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Research & Initiatives

The main activities of the Archaeographic Laboratory

The archeographic laboratory was created as an open scientific international platform, which:

  • develops methods and studies the problems of archeography (descriptive, traditional and field), special historical disciplines;

  • studies Cyrillic handwritten book monuments (source study of books, paleography, filigranology, codicology);

  • studies the problems of the history of the Orthodox Church related to the evolution of handwritten Cyrillic books;

  • carries out the study and scientific description of book manuscript Cyrillic monuments, prepares on their basis special scientific publications (including descriptions, catalogs, etc.);

  • creates and publishes monographic studies and collections of scientific works, methodological, bibliographic materials and teaching aids;

  • organizes and conducts international scientific seminars and conferences;

  • The main directions of scientific work of the laboratory are connected with the history of the handwritten Slavic book, bookishness and culture of Pax Slavia Ortodoxa.

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