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  • Alexandr Pascal

Plans of the city of Iași in foreign archives (1739-1833)

The volume Plans of the city of Iași in foreign archives (1739-1833) made by prof. Univ. Dr. Laurențiu Rădvan and the young researcher Dr. Mihai Anatolii Ciobanu is a bilingual volume of 120 pages.

The plans come from the state archives in Moscow, were made during the wars between the great powers during the seventeenth century and the first half of the next century.

The connection between the ruler of Moldova, Dimitrie Cantemir, and the tsar of Russia, Peter I, made Russian troops reach Iasi for the first time, an event followed by many other passages through the capital of Moldova amid conflicts with Austria on the one hand and the Ottoman Empire high.

Dr. Mihai Anatolii Ciobanu, who continues your studies in Moscow, found these documents in the state archives and together with prof. Univ. Dr. Laurențiu Rodvan, known for his interest in the history of urban evolution, brought him together in this volume.

The volume has 6 inserts, plans in size that can make them more easily accessible.

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