• Alexandr Pascal

A memorandum of cooperation

A memorandum of cooperation in the study of the centuries-old cultural and historical heritage of Athos was concluded by

the director of The International Institute of the Athonite Legacy in Ukraine Dr. Sergey Shumilo

and the director of the Institute for Eastern Christian Studies, Dr. Konrad Fischer.

In particular, the Memorandum signed between the parties provides for comprehensive cooperation in the field of research and information and publishing activities, including the exchange of information and professional experience in the study of the Athonite heritage, research on the history of Athos, Athonite manuscripts, early printed books, archival materials and the implementation of projects in the field archaeography and bibliography. Among the points of the signed Memorandum, work is envisaged to provide each other with assistance in finding, identifying, cataloging, preserving, preserving and digitizing manuscripts, old printed books, historical documents and archival materials relating to Athos, exchange detailed information, provide each other with copies of manuscripts, historical documents and archival materials necessary for joint research, educational and information-publishing activities.

Jointly publish collections of documents reflecting the historical process associated with the activities of Ukrainian monks in the monasteries of Athos, carry out joint scientific research, publish articles, books and monographs. Exchange scientists and experts in order to study the historical heritage of Athos, exchange information on measures taken by the institutions of the parties, promote participation in research, educational and information-publishing projects and other forms of exchange of knowledge and activities.

Jointly organize international scientific conferences, scientific expeditions, seminars, lectures and exhibitions so that information on the activities of both parties becomes available to researchers, scientists, students and the general public in New York and Ukraine.

In the course of the negotiations between the leadership of The International Institute of the Athonite Legacy in Ukraine (MIAN) and the Archaeography Laboratory of the ISEC, an agreement was reached on joining efforts in creating a scientific unit on Mount Athos, which would systematically engage in research activities in the field of studying the centuries-old history and legacy of the Ukrainian presence on Athos.



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