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Archaeographic Laboratory at Institute for Studies in Eastern Christianity


Goals and objectives
archeographic laboratory

The main activities of the Archaeographic Laboratory

The archeographic laboratory was created as an open scientific international platform, which:

Latest Publications

Alexandr Pascal

Selected Articles from the New  Redaction Panegyrica (Toržestveniki) in the Miscellany No. 28 from a Moscow Private Collection

The author introduces a new (previously unknown) Slavic copies of a homiliary structured by the New Jerusalem Typikon: in the composite miscellany No 28 from the Moscow private collection and fragments of a panegyricon of the last quarter of the 16th century from the Moscow private collection. The article provides a brief archeographic description of the manuscript and its article-by-article composition, and publishes all the glosses and comments that reflect the textual history of panegyricons.



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